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Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Pairing: Yumichika x OC
Spoilers: None
Summary: You do not love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.
Word count: 1,933
Warning: Some language. Unclear timeline.

Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo. Summary is an anonymous quote. Title is a Laura Whitcomb book.
Other: Song used for this chapter belongs to Blaine Larson.

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In my High School, there’s some who think they’re tough as they can be.
But when I look in their eyes, all I see is insecurity.
And in my High School, there’s some who’ll wait, there’s some who won’t.
Some that cross lines and some that don’t.
We’ve got outcasts and we’ve got rebels,
Mostly saints, sometimes devils.
You see them walking up and down the hall.
And they struggle with their boyfriends, their girlfriends, and their math.
And they long for the bell that gets them out of class.
In my High School…



Her internal clock told her it was still early, when she heard someone rummaging in the kitchen. Quietly, like they were trying not to wake her. Blinking, she sat up, rubbing at her eyes with the heel of her hands as she yawned widely.


The futon she was laying on took up almost all the floor space in Sado Yasutora’s small living room. And since the room led straight into the small kitchen, it was only understandable that the gently clinking dishes woke her. Finding a small clock propped up next to the television, she read just after six thirty. She shrugged and started rolling up the futon.


When everything looked just as she had left it, she wandered into the kitchen, yanking out the tie that was holding back her long hair and letting it spill around her shoulders.


“Did I wake you?”


Startled at his quiet voice, Arya shook her head at Chad, mumbling lowly, “It’s alright. We wake up early for training in my Division anyway.”


He nodded and resumed making, what Arya assumed was, his bento for lunch.


Feeling a gentle tug on her arm, she glanced down to see a small turtle plushie on the counter, lightly pushing a cup of tea towards her.


Her lips quirked upwards in a small smile. “Thank-you… Nova-san?” She asked, making sure she remembered his name correctly. After all, she had only met him yesterday and he had looked different then.




The Living World had always fascinated Arya. When her brother bad still been alive, he’d gone assignments there more than once, and loved to bring her back trinkets and presents. A picture. Something called a “boom-box” that played “CDs.” A guitar. That was the last thing he had brought her. And humans had such interesting music. The style changed all the time. And oftentimes Arya wished she could be given an extended assignment in the Living World to patrol some town, that way she could learn more about the things Soul Society didn’t have. “Rock music” and “hip-hop.” She thought it was fascinating.


But Yamamoto-soutaicho never sent Eleventh Division members on extended assignments in the Living World. They were too volatile, too unstable, too much risk involved. So she never got the chance.


But she could see now! She was holding herself back from bouncing on her feet as they exited the Senkai Gate into the Urahara Shoten.




Glancing around at the huge room they had appeared in (where they outside?), Arya took in the man dressed in green waving a fan in front of his face. Everyone around her greeted him, having already met and spent time with him before. When he turned to her and grinned, Arya immediately stopped looking around and bowed. “Konnichiwa, Urahara-san,” she murmured lowly. “I’m Kurosawa Arya. I am pleased to meet you, sir.”


“So polite!” He sing-songed and Arya felt him tap her chin upwards with his closed fan. “No need to be so formal, Arya-chan!”


Cheeks coloring slightly in embarrassment, she stood. “H-hai! Urahara-san,” she added. She couldn’t help it. It was habit.


Minutes later, she had to stop herself from gaping stupidly as the group climbed the later and she realized that that giant place was underground. Following the ex-Twelfth Division Captain into the small sitting room, they arranged themselves around the table and stared at Urahara expectantly.


Urahara was smiling at them, fan waving back and forth in front of his face. “Let’s wait for tea!”


“Urahara!” Hitsugaya snapped. “We do not have time for this.”


The blond pouted. “You’re so serious Hitsugaya-taicho.” This was followed by a sigh. “It started a few weeks ago.”


“We noticed something strange going on with the Hollows.”


Simultaneously, everyone turned as the door slid open and Rukia stepped in, closely followed by the substitute shinigami and his friends. Shifting to make room for everyone proved difficult and Arya found herself in the background, leaning against the wall and just listening. She glanced over at the tall, silent boy beside her, then back to Rukia as she started to explain.


“Usually the number of Hollows in the Living World stays pretty even except in extreme cases,” she said, “but lately there’s been less and less of the weaker Hollows and-”


“-and more of the big-fry,” Ichigo cut it. “And they’ve got some strange way of fighting that makes it almost impossible to get close enough to them to kill.” His frown deepened. “It sucks.”


“Well said, Kurosaki-san!” Urahara chimed in. when everyone stared at him blankly, he continued. “I had Nova run some scans on the last one Kurosaki-san ran into,” he gestured to the door and it slid back revealing three people Arya was not familiar with, “isn’t that right?”


“Hai,” answered the one with the hood and the striking green eyes, before he vanished and reappeared leaning against the wall near Arya.


“Nova’s scan said that the Hollows were fighting with some strange type of sound manipulation. Almost like echolocation,” the little blonde girl said, seating herself so close to Ichigo she was practically in his lap. “That’s why it’s hard to get close to them.”


“But it doesn’t explain why we can’t attack them from a distance,” the glasses-wearing boy Arya remembered as the last Quincy said, “Even though I attack from a substantial distance, it does no good and my arrows miss.”


Urahara nodded. “Which is exactly what Soul Society sent this team to find out.”


“We’ll have to divide up patrols,” Hitsugaya said. “No engaging the enemy unless absolutely necessary. We’re strictly gathering information first. And we have to be certain this scenario can’t be linked to Aizen.”


The somber atmosphere was broken when Matsumoto let out a squeal and lunged at the girl next to her. “We get to stay with Orihime-chan again! Ne, taicho?”


Hitsugaya rolled his eyes, but stood, answering with a tired-sounding, “Yes, Matsumoto,” as the two girls began to rapidly speak about cooking in high-pitched, excited voices.


“Your gigais are in the entrance way,” Urahara called helpfully over the noise, and Hitsugaya immediately pulled the two females after him, followed by the man with the two-toned hair.


For a while, Arya just stood silently as everyone quietly conversed and went their separate ways. The Quincy boy, who formally introduced himself to her as Ishida Uryuu, left shortly after Hitsugaya-taicho did.


“Keigo still letting you stay with him?” Ichigo asked her two squad members.


Ikkaku shrugged. “Dunno.” He glanced at Yumichika. “Guess we’ll go find out.” And with that, they sauntered out.


Ichigo stared after them for a while, before turning to the remaining people. “Hey, I don’t think I’ve met you before,” he said, just noticed Arya. “Kurosaki Ichigo, substitute shinigami.”


She bowed. “Kurosawa Arya. It’s an honor to meet you Kurosaki-san.”


Ichigo blushed, looking away and rubbing at the back of his head in embarrassment. “Yeah, well…” He looked back at her suddenly. “Hey were are you staying? You staying here with Renji?”


She blinked. “I…”


“Sado-san has no one staying with him, I believe,” Urahara chimed in.


“Sado-san?” Arya repeated confusedly.


“Sado Yasutora,” the tall, silent boy beside her rumbled in a deep voice.


Arya turned to him. “I don’t want to intrude…”


“… It’s not a problem.”


Another bow, lower this time. “Thank you very much, Sado-san, I’ll stay out of the way.”




And that’s how she found herself here. It wasn’t so bad, really. The apartment was small, but Arya was good at staying out of the way. She watched for a moment as Sado (or Chad, as she had hear numerous people call him) in the kitchen, before turning and heading towards the bathroom. She might as well get ready for school.




An hour later, standing in front of the 1-3 classroom, she realized that she didn’t really care for the human school’s idea of a uniform. She felt exposed, naked. And it didn’t help that Matsumoto had attacked her on the way in and told her that no one wore their skirts to their knees, and proceeded to roll it up until it fell to mid-thigh. She felt strange in these clothes.


Just as she was reaching out to open the door, it was pulled open from the inside and Arya suddenly found herself staring at her Division’s fifth seat, who looked equally shocked to see her standing there.


Yumichika meanwhile, arched a brow at the young woman in front of him. “Kurosawa?” A curious, and slightly surprised expression fleeted across his face when he took her in from top to bottom, the long hair still everywhere, but smooth and brushed, Matsumoto’s doing no doubt. “You clean up… pretty,” he murmured, glancing her up and down once more. “Yes, almost pretty…”


A light rose appeared on her cheeks as she awkwardly slid into the room and inclined her head at him. “Th-thank-you, Ayasegawa-san,” she mumbled, still red, before turned and walking further into the classroom.


Yumichika watched her with a strange look on his face. The difference between Kurosawa in the baggy, black shinigami uniform and Kurosawa in the human-world school uniform was… intriguing. She still looked lanky and out of place, all gangly limbs and long hair, but, without the shapeless shinigami uniform hakama, he could see what that uniform hid.


She was skinny, very skinny. Not shinigami-slender, but thin. Muscles covered in skin. And… had she always been hiding legs like that? Maybe it was because they were so long…


He shrugged. Whatever. She was still weak. And nice-looking legs didn’t change a not-so-nice-looking face. And with that he wandered off to find Ikkaku.



In my High School, there’s some who study for their entrance exams.
Some who just wanna play guitar in some rock-and-roll band.
And in my High School, the seniors just cannot wait for June.
But they don’t realize that we grow up way too soon.
They’ll be doctors, they’ll be lawyers;
Teachers and warriors.
And they’ll struggle with their jobs, their husbands, and their wives.
And they’ll talk about “the best days of their lives.”




A/N: Not too pleased with this chapter.


Also… Ichigo is in class 1-3, right? Freshman class (1) and I know the ranking list in an early episode showed it being class 3. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Oh and I just realized this, I named her Arya, cause I like the name and I noticed if you spell it “Aria” (they sound the same) it’s a type of solo piece in an opera. Ha-ha. AND I somehow (unconsciously, I swear) gave her a bird-named zanpaktou (for a legitimate reason, I swear!), when Yumichika’s zanpaktou is a bird, too. Signs!